Quantum dynamics of many-body systems for simulation and sensing

Friday Quantum Seminar

Sean Muleady (RQS)
Friday, September 15, 2023 - 12:00pm
ATL 2324

A key goal in modern quantum science is to harness the complex behavior of quantum systems to develop new technologies. While precisely engineered platforms with ultracold atoms and trapped ions have emerged as powerful tools for this task, our limited ability to theoretically and computationally probe these systems poses immense challenges for their improved control and characterization. I will discuss the application of modern computational techniques, including tensor networks and efficient phase space methods, to study the far-from-equilibrium dynamics of interacting quantum spin models, featuring long-ranged interactions or higher-dimensional geometries relevant for an array of current AMO experiments. I will then discuss the emergence of collective dynamical behavior in these models --- including recent experimental results in trapped ion chains --- which can be harnessed to generate entanglement for improved quantum sensors and atomic clocks.

Pizza and drinks will be served after the seminar in ATL 2117.