Complexity phase diagram for interacting and long-range bosonic Hamiltonians

TitleComplexity phase diagram for interacting and long-range bosonic Hamiltonians
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMaskara, N, Deshpande, A, Tran, MC, Ehrenberg, A, Fefferman, B, Gorshkov, AV
Date Published06/10/2019

Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in topics at the intersection of many-body physics and complexity theory. Many-body physics aims to understand and classify emergent behavior of systems with a large number of particles, while complexity theory aims to classify computational problems based on how the time required to solve the problem scales as the problem size becomes large. In this work, we use insights from complexity theory to classify phases in interacting many-body systems. Specifically, we demonstrate a "complexity phase diagram" for the Bose-Hubbard model with long-range hopping. This shows how the complexity of simulating time evolution varies according to various parameters appearing in the problem, such as the evolution time, the particle density, and the degree of locality. We find that classification of complexity phases is closely related to upper bounds on the spread of quantum correlations, and protocols to transfer quantum information in a controlled manner. Our work motivates future studies of complexity in many-body systems and its interplay with the associated physical phenomena.