Rainbow Scars: From Area to Volume Law

TitleRainbow Scars: From Area to Volume Law
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsLanglett, CM, Yang, Z-C, Wildeboer, J, Gorshkov, AV, Iadecola, T, Xu, S
Date Published7/12/2021

Quantum many-body scars (QMBS) constitute a new quantum dynamical regime in which rare "scarred" eigenstates mediate weak ergodicity breaking. One open question is to understand the most general setting in which these states arise. In this work, we develop a generic construction that embeds a new class of QMBS, rainbow scars, into the spectrum of an arbitrary Hamiltonian. Unlike other examples of QMBS, rainbow scars display extensive bipartite entanglement entropy while retaining a simple entanglement structure. Specifically, the entanglement scaling is volume-law for a random bipartition, while scaling for a fine-tuned bipartition is sub-extensive. When internal symmetries are present, the construction leads to multiple, and even towers of rainbow scars revealed through distinctive non-thermal dynamics. To this end, we provide an experimental road map for realizing rainbow scar states in a Rydberg-atom quantum simulator, leading to coherent oscillations distinct from the strictly sub-volume-law QMBS previously realized in the same system.