SimuQ: A Domain-Specific Language For Quantum Simulation With Analog Compilation

TitleSimuQ: A Domain-Specific Language For Quantum Simulation With Analog Compilation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsPeng, Y, Young, J, Liu, P, Wu, X
Date Published3/5/2023

Hamiltonian simulation is one of the most promising applications of quantum computing. Recent experimental results suggest that continuous-time analog quantum simulation would be advantageous over gate-based digital quantum simulation in the Noisy Intermediate-Size Quantum (NISQ) machine era. However, programming such analog quantum simulators is much more challenging due to the lack of a unified interface between hardware and software, and the only few known examples are all hardware-specific. In this paper, we design and implement SimuQ, the first domain-specific language for Hamiltonian simulation that supports pulse-level compilation to heterogeneous analog quantum simulators. Specifically, in SimuQ, front-end users will specify the target Hamiltonian evolution with a Hamiltonian modeling language, and the programmability of analog simulators is specified through a new abstraction called the abstract analog instruction set by hardware providers. Through a solver-based compilation, SimuQ will generate the pulse-level instruction schedule on the target analog simulator for the desired Hamiltonian evolution, which has been demonstrated on pulse-controlled superconducting (Qiskit Pulse) and neutral-atom (QuEra Bloqade) quantum systems, as well as on normal circuit-based digital quantum machines. Moreover, we also demonstrate the advantage of analog compilation over digital compilation on IBM machines, the use of SimuQ for resource estimation for hypothetical machines, and a scalability test of SimuQ's compilation.