Two-qubit entangling gates within arbitrarily long chains of trapped ions

TitleTwo-qubit entangling gates within arbitrarily long chains of trapped ions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLandsman, KA, Wu, Y, Leung, PHong, Zhu, D, Linke, NM, Brown, KR, Duan, L, Monroe, CR
Date Published05/28/2019

Ion trap systems are a leading platform for large scale quantum computers. Trapped ion qubit crystals are fully-connected and reconfigurable, owing to their long range Coulomb interaction that can be modulated with external optical forces. However, the spectral crowding of collective motional modes could pose a challenge to the control of such interactions for large numbers of qubits. Here, we show that high-fidelity quantum gate operations are still possible with very large trapped ion crystals, simplifying the scaling of ion trap quantum computers. To this end, we present analytical work that determines how parallel entangling gates produce a crosstalk error that falls off as the inverse cube of the distance between the pairs. We also show experimental work demonstrating entangling gates on a fully-connected chain of seventeen 171Yb+ ions with fidelities as high as 97(1)%.