Advances in Quantum Reinforcement Learning

TitleAdvances in Quantum Reinforcement Learning
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDunjko, V, Taylor, JM, Briegel, HJ
JournalIEEE SMC, Banff, AB
Date Published2017

In recent times, there has been much interest in quantum enhancements of machine learning, specifically in the context of data mining and analysis. Reinforcement learning, an interactive form of learning, is, in turn, vital in artificial intelligence-type applications. Also in this case, quantum mechanics was shown to be useful, in certain instances. Here, we elucidate these results, and show that quantum enhancements can be achieved in a new setting: the setting of learning models which learn how to improve themselves -- that is, those that meta-learn. While not all learning models meta-learn, all non-trivial models have the potential of being "lifted", enhanced, to meta-learning models. Our results show that also such models can be quantum-enhanced to make even better learners. In parallel, we address one of the bottlenecks of current quantum reinforcement learning approaches: the need for so-called oracularized variants of task environments. Here we elaborate on a method which realizes these variants, with minimal changes in the setting, and with no corruption of the operative specification of the environments. This result may be important in near-term experimental demonstrations of quantum reinforcement learning.