Avoided crossings between bound states of ultracold Cesium dimers

TitleAvoided crossings between bound states of ultracold Cesium dimers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsHutson, JM, Tiesinga, E, Julienne, PS
JournalPhysical Review A
Date Published2008/11/5

We present an efficient new computational method for calculating the binding
energies of the bound states of ultracold alkali-metal dimers in the presence
of magnetic fields. The method is based on propagation of coupled differential
equations and does not use a basis set for the interatomic distance coordinate.
It is much more efficient than the previous method based on a radial basis set
and allows many more spin channels to be included. This is particularly
important in the vicinity of avoided crossings between bound states. We
characterize a number of different avoided crossings in Cs_2 and compare our
converged calculations with experimental results. Small but significant
discrepancies are observed in both crossing strengths and level positions,
especially for levels with l symmetry (rotational angular momentum L=8). The
discrepancies should allow the development of improved potential models in the

Short TitlePhys. Rev. A