Cross-Platform Comparison of Arbitrary Quantum Computations

TitleCross-Platform Comparison of Arbitrary Quantum Computations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsZhu, D, Cian, Z-P, Noel, C, Risinger, A, Biswas, D, Egan, L, Zhu, Y, Green, AM, Alderete, CHuerta, Nguyen, NH, Wang, Q, Maksymov, A, Nam, Y, Cetina, M, Linke, NM, Hafezi, M, Monroe, C
Date Published7/27/2021

As we approach the era of quantum advantage, when quantum computers (QCs) can outperform any classical computer on particular tasks, there remains the difficult challenge of how to validate their performance. While algorithmic success can be easily verified in some instances such as number factoring or oracular algorithms, these approaches only provide pass/fail information for a single QC. On the other hand, a comparison between different QCs on the same arbitrary circuit provides a lower-bound for generic validation: a quantum computation is only as valid as the agreement between the results produced on different QCs. Such an approach is also at the heart of evaluating metrological standards such as disparate atomic clocks. In this paper, we report a cross-platform QC comparison using randomized and correlated measurements that results in a wealth of information on the QC systems. We execute several quantum circuits on widely different physical QC platforms and analyze the cross-platform fidelities.