EasyPQC: Verifying Post-Quantum Cryptography

TitleEasyPQC: Verifying Post-Quantum Cryptography
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBarbosa, M, Barthe, G, Fan, X, Grégoire, B, Hung, S-H, Katz, J, Strub, P-Y, Wu, X, Zhou, L
JournalACM CCS 2021
Date Published9/20/2021

EasyCrypt is a formal verification tool used extensively for formalizing concrete security proofs of cryptographic constructions. However, the EasyCrypt formal logics consider only classical attackers, which means that post-quantum security proofs cannot be formalized and machine-checked with this tool. In this paper we prove that a natural extension of the EasyCrypt core logics permits capturing a wide class of post-quantum cryptography proofs, settling a question raised by (Unruh, POPL 2019). Leveraging our positive result, we implement EasyPQC, an extension of EasyCrypt for post-quantum security proofs, and use EasyPQC to verify post-quantum security of three classic constructions: PRF-based MAC, Full Domain Hash and GPV08 identity-based encryption.