An explicit vector algorithm for high-girth MaxCut

TitleAn explicit vector algorithm for high-girth MaxCut
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsThompson, JK, Parekh, O, Marwaha, K
Date Published8/27/2021

We give an approximation algorithm for MaxCut and provide guarantees on the average fraction of edges cut on d-regular graphs of girth ≥2k. For every d≥3 and k≥4, our approximation guarantees are better than those of all other classical and quantum algorithms known to the authors. Our algorithm constructs an explicit vector solution to the standard semidefinite relaxation of MaxCut and applies hyperplane rounding. It may be viewed as a simplification of the previously best known technique, which approximates Gaussian wave processes on the infinite d-regular tree.