Non-invertible symmetry-protected topological order in a group-based cluster state

TitleNon-invertible symmetry-protected topological order in a group-based cluster state
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsFechisin, C, Tantivasadakarn, N, Albert, VV
Date Published12/14/2023

Despite growing interest in beyond-group symmetries in quantum condensed matter systems, there are relatively few microscopic lattice models explicitly realizing these symmetries, and many phenomena have yet to be studied at the microscopic level. We introduce a one-dimensional stabilizer Hamiltonian composed of group-based Pauli operators whose ground state is a G×Rep(G)-symmetric state: the G cluster state introduced in Brell, New Journal of Physics 17, 023029 (2015) [at this http URL]. We show that this state lies in a symmetry-protected topological (SPT) phase protected by G×Rep(G) symmetry, distinct from the symmetric product state by a duality argument. We identify several signatures of SPT order, namely protected edge modes, string order parameters, and topological response. We discuss how G cluster states may be used as a universal resource for measurement-based quantum computation, explicitly working out the case where G is a semidirect product of abelian groups.