A quantum central path algorithm for linear optimization

TitleA quantum central path algorithm for linear optimization
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsAugustino, B, Leng, J, Nannicini, G, Terlaky, T, Wu, X
Date Published11/7/2023

We propose a novel quantum algorithm for solving linear optimization problems by quantum-mechanical simulation of the central path. While interior point methods follow the central path with an iterative algorithm that works with successive linearizations of the perturbed KKT conditions, we perform a single simulation working directly with the nonlinear complementarity equations. Combining our approach with iterative refinement techniques, we obtain an exact solution to a linear optimization problem involving m constraints and n variables using at most O((m+n)nnz(A)κ(M)L⋅polylog(m,n,κ(M))) elementary gates and O(nnz(A)L) classical arithmetic operations, where nnz(A) is the total number of non-zero elements found in the constraint matrix, L denotes binary input length of the problem data, and κ(M) is a condition number that depends only on the problem data.