Quench Dynamics of a Fermi Gas with Strong Long-Range Interactions

TitleQuench Dynamics of a Fermi Gas with Strong Long-Range Interactions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsGuardado-Sanchez, E, Spar, BM, Schauss, P, Belyansky, R, Young, JT, Bienias, P, Gorshkov, AV, Iadecola, T, Bakr, WS
JournalPhys. Rev. X
Date Published5/24/2021

We induce strong non-local interactions in a 2D Fermi gas in an optical lattice using Rydberg dressing. The system is approximately described by a t−V model on a square lattice where the fermions experience isotropic nearest-neighbor interactions and are free to hop only along one direction. We measure the interactions using many-body Ramsey interferometry and study the lifetime of the gas in the presence of tunneling, finding that tunneling does not reduce the lifetime. To probe the interplay of non-local interactions with tunneling, we investigate the short-time relaxation dynamics of charge density waves in the gas. We find that strong nearest-neighbor interactions slow down the relaxation. Our work opens the door for quantum simulations of systems with strong non-local interactions such as extended Fermi-Hubbard models.