Resonant enhancement of three-body loss between strongly interacting photons

TitleResonant enhancement of three-body loss between strongly interacting photons
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsKalinowski, M, Wang, Y, Bienias, P, Gullans, M, Ornelas-Huerta, DP, Craddock, AN, Rolston, SL, Porto, JV, Büchler, HPeter, Gorshkov, AV
Date Published10/19/2020

Rydberg polaritons provide an example of a rare type of system where three-body interactions can be as strong or even stronger than two-body interactions. The three-body interactions can be either dispersive or dissipative, with both types possibly giving rise to exotic, strongly-interacting, and topological phases of matter. Despite past theoretical and experimental studies of the regime with dispersive interaction, the dissipative regime is still mostly unexplored. Using a renormalization group technique to solve the three-body Schrödinger equation, we show how the shape and strength of dissipative three-body forces can be universally enhanced for Rydberg polaritons. We demonstrate how these interactions relate to the transmission through a single-mode cavity, which can be used as a probe of the three-body physics in current experiment