Streaming quantum state purification

TitleStreaming quantum state purification
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsChilds, AM, Fu, H, Leung, D, Li, Z, Ozols, M, Vyas, V
Date Published9/28/2023

Quantum state purification is the task of recovering a nearly pure copy of an unknown pure quantum state using multiple noisy copies of the state. This basic task has applications to quantum communication over noisy channels and quantum computation with imperfect devices, but has only been studied previously for the case of qubits. We derive an efficient purification procedure based on the swap test for qudits of any dimension, starting with any initial error parameter. Treating the initial error parameter and the dimension as constants, we show that our procedure has sample complexity asymptotically optimal in the final error parameter. Our protocol has a simple recursive structure that can be applied when the states are provided one at a time in a streaming fashion, requiring only a small quantum memory to implement.