Strong Fourier Sampling Fails over Gn

TitleStrong Fourier Sampling Fails over Gn
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsAlagic, G, Moore, C, Russell, A
Date Published11/7/2005

We present a negative result regarding the hidden subgroup problem on the powers Gn of a fixed group G. Under a condition on the base group G, we prove that strong Fourier sampling cannot distinguish some subgroups of Gn. Since strong sampling is in fact the optimal measurement on a coset state, this shows that we have no hope of efficiently solving the hidden subgroup problem over these groups with separable measurements on coset states (that is, using any polynomial number of single-register coset state experiments). Base groups satisfying our condition include all nonabelian simple groups. We apply our results to show that there exist uniform families of nilpotent groups whose normal series factors have constant size and yet are immune to strong Fourier sampling.