Graduate Students

QuICS offers graduate students unique opportunities to learn about quantum information processing, to interact with leading experts in the field, and to become involved in world-class research. Outstanding students with an interest in quantum information and computer science are encouraged to consider joining QuICS as graduate researchers.

Course offerings in quantum information at Maryland include an introductory graduate course on quantum information processing (CMSC 657) as well as advanced courses on selected topics in quantum information.

QuICS Fellows work with graduate students in several programs, including

Students who would like to join QuICS are encouraged to apply to these programs and indicate quantum information as an area of interest.

Outstanding students may be awarded QuICS Lanczos Graduate Fellowships, named in honor of Cornelius Lanczos, who worked at NIST in the mid 1900s and who made fundamental advances in physics and computation. Research assistantships and other fellowship support are also available.

Students may also be interested in NSF Graduate Research FellowshipsDOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowships, the Hertz Fellowship, the Graduate Fellowships for STEM Diversity (and related NIST GMSE Fellowships), and the LPS-UMD Pathway to Physics PhD.

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