Getting to know QuICS

QuICS Special Seminar

Various Speakers (University of Maryland)
Wednesday, September 27, 2023 - 11:00am
ATL 3100A and Virtual Via Zoom

In this session, new and current QuICS members will introduce themselves and their research. Organized by Yi-Kai Liu.

Harry Chalfin - Artificial intelligence in quantum computing devices
Carl Miller - Quantum cryptography and quantum-secure cryptography
Eric Huang - Quantum Error Correction and fault-tolerance
Alexey Gorshkov - interface of quantum information, AMO, and condensed matter
Victor Albert - Quantum information and error-correction
Zohreh Davoudi - QIS for nuclear and high-energy physics
Suying Liu - Quantum algorithms, Implementations of quantum information processing
Gaya Premawardhana - Atom interferometry
Aleksander Lasek - Quantum Thermodynamics
Twesh Upadhyaya - Quantum thermodynamics
Yuxin Wang - Implementations of quantum information processing, Open quantum systems
James Watson - Applications of quantum information to physics, Quantum Algorithms
Amin Shiraz Gilani - Quantum query complexity
Atul Singh Arora - Quantum complexity, cryptography and foundations
Mauro Morales - Quantum algorithms and complexity
Yi-Kai Liu - Quantum algorithms and cryptography

*We strongly encourage attendees to use their full name (and if possible, their UMD credentials) to join the zoom session.*