Aniruddha Bapat

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Graduate Student (2016-2021)
3100M Atlantic Building
(301) 314-1839

Ani was a QuICS doctoral student in physics from 2016 to 2021. He received his PhD in Physics from the University of Maryland.  He is interested in quantum algorithms and their implementations on physical architectures. His adviser was Stephen Jordan. Ani held a QuICS Lanczos Graduate Fellowship 2016-2018.  




A. Bapat, Schoute, E., Gorshkov, A. V., and Childs, A. M., Nearly optimal time-independent reversal of a spin chain, accepted for publication in Physical Review Research, 2020.


A. Bapat and Jordan, S., Bang-bang control as a design principle for classical and quantum optimization algorithms, Quantum Information & Computation , vol. 19, no. 5&6, pp. 424-446, 2019.



G. Alagic, Bapat, A., and Jordan, S. P., Classical simulation of Yang-Baxter gates, 9th Conference on the Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography (TQC 2014), vol. 27, pp. 161-175, 2014.