Yuxin Wang

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Hartree Postdoctoral Fellow
3253 Atlantic Building

Yuxin is a QuICS Hartree Postdoctoral Fellow working at the intersection of quantum information science and condensed matter physics. She completed her PhD in the group of Aashish Clerk at the University of Chicago. During her PhD, Yuxin worked on topics including reservoir engineering, quantum noise spectroscopy, non-reciprocal interactions, and non-Hermitian dynamics. She also closely collaborated with experimentalists to implement some of her theoretical work using different physical systems such as solid-state spin defects and superconducting circuits. Her current research focuses on understanding noise and dissipation in quantum systems and their implications for all facets of quantum information processing (QIP) - for example, how to describe the dissipative environment that affects the performance of a quantum machine, and how to leverage dissipative dynamics for QIP applications. She also looks forward to gaining experience with other experimental quantum platforms.